Individually designed programs

The residents of The Connault enjoy individual lifestyle activities and are encouraged to participate by our dedicated staff.

Our staff are on hand to help new residents with their transition into their new lifestyle and to also help with facilitating their individual lifestyle changes on entering into aged care. Our lifestyle programs are designed individually with each resident in mind and with encouragement these activities often enhance the quality of life of each participant.


Activities vary from outings such as 3AWs Garden Show. The Rhododendron Garden, The Tulip Festival, The Art Gallery, Museum, Palace Cinema Luncheons, walks around Maranoa and Beckett Park, local coffee shops and cafes, library for the more adventurous and also catering for those who like to remain a little closer to home, pet therapy, musician and dance performances, visits by school children, art classes, quizzes, exercise programs, news readings, games to challenge the mind and the list goes on!

Specific lifestyle programs are designed for each new resident to help them transition into residential care and to achieve the best possible quality of life